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Emotional Eating


While working towards consciously eating my way into a balanced diet, I’m noticing emotional dependence on certain foods.

Chocolate is something I like to have on my desk at all times; chocolate equals happiness! At the grocery store, I compared the milk versus dark chocolate labels, and it was a no-brainer – dark has less sugar. The higher the cocoa content the more minerals such as magnesium and copper. I can’t say I enjoyed eating it as much, but maybe I can learn to love it?

Some people eat out of depression – this must be where chocolate comes in. Is chocolate keeping my head above water? Without it will I drown in depression? Probably not, but it’s not really a boat I care to rock.

They say snacking on chips is related to boredom. For me, snacking on chips (and popcorn) goes exceptionally well with watching movies! Luckily, it’s pretty easy to substitute that kind of snacking with dried fruits and nuts – problem solved.

Guilt. Wouldn’t it be stressful to feel guilty about something, then roll an even larger self-loathing snowball by indulging in unhealthy eating? When I see cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, or any baked goods in general, I want to pop them in my mouth because the experience is so enjoyable. There is no guilt, even after swallowing.

Who knew that improving diet would require so much self exploration for success? I thought it would simply be a logical choice. All we can do is take baby-steps and be kind to ourselves through the process.

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