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Gluten Free Pizza

wpid-20140922_182116.jpgToday in school we focused on feeding patients with Celiac disease, and their inability to eat gluten.  People with Celiac disease are not simply ‘gluten avoiders’ which is a growing trend.  This autoimmune disorder can occur to genetically predisposed people of all ages, including infants.

The small intestine walls actually become damaged by gluten, and since most of the nutrients are absorbed in the first ten inches of the small intestine, Celiac patients are at risk of vitamin deficiency, weight loss, fatigue, and anemia.

The pizza dough resembled wet sand and was crumbly to work with. After we baked it, it seemed drier and heavier than regular pizza crust.  As our lab chef pointed out, it’s the flavours of what’s on top of the crust that people notice the most when they bite into a pizza!

I have read Wheat Belly, by William Davis, and am all for eating less wheat, but I now understand there is a big difference between the so-called ‘wheat avoiders’ and people who suffer from Celiac.  I wonder(bread) if people had Celiac Disease 1,000 years ago, back before wheat was GMO’d to death.

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