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Healthy Lifestyle for Longevity Tips

Recently, I attended a highly informative Ontario Society of Nutrition Management conference, where I learned some interesting facts about dementia, handling difficult people, and leading edge thought was shared on retaining maximum mental and physical health.

Here is some of what we learned:

Fruit and Serving SizeEat 7-10 servings of fruits and veggies per day
This sounds brutally difficult, but it’s not considering 1/2 cup of juice, chopped, cooked or canned fruit is one serving! The easiest way is to throw it in a blender, (of course then be sure to include some flax seeds and raw cocoa powder!)

whole grain or notEat 1/2 cup of whole grains per day
This reduces blood cholesterol levels, may lower chances of heart disease, fills you with  fibre for good bowel function, and gives your body Vitamin Bs which are needed for cellular body function.

mushroomsMake getting your Vitamin D a priority
because deficiency is associated with poor bone health, and chronic diseases such as cancer, let alone mood disorders! Studies show Canadians have widespread D deficiency, so eat lots of mushrooms all year round.

beans and legumesBeans – complex carbohydrates that break down slowly.  This means steadier blood sugar levels, lowering risks of diabetes and heart disease. Since Type 3 diabetes is now linked to Alzheimer’s, it’s wise to lean towards foods that have a low glycemic index. Since eating less meat is  advisable for those on the Standard American Diet, eating beans alongside a grain you will save money, and still provide your complete proteins. It’s so simple and satisfying = try rice and beansor beans on toast!

we-dance-news-bannerExercise, exercise, exercise! Just a 20 minute walk makes your brain more active and happier, while blood travels faster through your body helping your cells to function properly. It improves resistance to disease, keeps inflammation down, and sharpens the brain. Just adopt a dog, it will ensure you get the daily walks, or simply dance to your favourite music for 20 minutes each day!

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