Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

cooker Yes!  I received my pressure cooker and I’m pretty excited about all the benefits of using it.  Cooking time is cut down by over half, and due to the shorter cooking time there is less nutrient loss than with other cooking methods – which also means cutting energy costs in half!

pressurecooker explodes

Today’s pressure cookers have safety features, so this can’t happen

The food is cooked at a higher temperature than boiling point, similar to steaming, and the nutrients stay in the pot with the food, unlike when boiling and much of the nutrients go out with the bath water.

A seemingly small bonus, but definitely not unnoticed by me, is the cleanliness of cooking with a pressure cooker.  There is no splattering due to the locked lid,  and no need to wipe down the stove top afterwards.

pressure cooker wrench

Definitely don’t ever attempt this!

Over the last year, I have heard some negative things about pressure cookers – people getting their faces burned off and such – meanwhile the pressure cookers sold today have so many safety mechanisms, it’s not even possible to open the lid if there is still pressure inside the pot.

So far I’ve made an Indian dish, but tonight I’ll be using the steamer basket for spaghetti squash.  Only takes six minutes!

Pressure Cookers can also be used for quick canning, but this requires a larger pot that goes up to 15 psi.


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